Honor Authority*

In our series called “All In,” we’re mining the gold deep within the Ten Commandments. The 5th Commandment sermon: “Honor to Whom Honor is Due,” (available on audio here) travels from parenting to work-place to church authority. The Fifth Commandment is about much more than a happy family, but you may be blessed to see Larry Crabb’s ‘definition’ or […]

How do I love Thee, O my God?

Augustine wrote passionately about everything, including his love for his God! I read this quote today that reminds me powerfully of both the sacramental nature of earthly love and the boundlessness of the eternal. But when I love you, what do I love? It is not physical beauty nor temporal glory nor the brightness of light […]

Don’t miss your Sabbath!

Sabbath-keeping should be one of the joys of life!  Listen to Cheryl Lavornia’s sermon in our All In series to find out why. I’ll add a couple of my favorite Sabbath quotes: “…on the best of these sabbath days, I experience a lovely freedom from expectations – other people’s and also my own. I go free […]

Psalm 119 ~ Bonhoeffer’s Unfinished Book

I have three of the 17 volumes of Bonhoeffer’s Complete annotated works translated from the German over a 20 year span. They include background notes from scholars and often fascinating detail from the margin of his Bibles, letters previously unpublished, etc. One gem in Vol. 15 is the notes he began on each verse of Psalm 119 – […]

Are You “All In?”

We’ve began our new teaching series called “All In.”  Listen to the intro sermon here. The biblical book of Deuteronomy reminds us that the choices we make – make all the difference! Some resources for this ten week journey: I highlighted an article from Yale University responding to the allegation that education has stopped asking […]

What’s the use!

When the world seems to be coming unglued, it’s easy to lean toward despair or acedia or worse. On October 22, 1939, Lewis preached at the University Church of St. Mary in Oxford. I had the privilege of hearing an English orator re-enact the sermon at this church when I attended a conference in Oxford a […]

Beauty and the Beast

In an earlier post, “Beauty will save the World,”  I highlighted the last section of the poem by Czeslaw Milosz called One More Day. Milosz lived through the horrors of attrocities in 20th cent. Europe. He draws attention to the reality of moral absolutes built in by God. In light of the current raw evils that […]