O Lord, Hear Our Groaning!

An acrostic poem with Lament in its name; that groans off the page with agonizing intensity. That would be the Old Testament book of Lamentations. Our series, Lament: Talking with God through Pain and Suffering continues.  We ‘tag-teamed’ this sermon, with Cheryl Lavornia giving us the gripping context of the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC, and the importance of  giving […]

Joining Jesus in Lament

For four weeks leading to Advent, we are doing a sermon series and artists’ exhibit of original poetry and art called Lament. The first sermon, Joining Jesus in Lament, explains the importance of this neglected genre of Scripture and witness. Listen to it here.  Join us for our Café Night, on Friday, 13 November from 7-9 […]

Ordination to Ordinary Life and Work

As our Faith at Work Series continues, we were blessed as a congregation to take a small step toward what we call the “ordination to ordinary life and work.”  Listen to the sermon here. The picture to the right is from the 9/11 Museum and story from John Felker of Chaplain Mychal Judge who died […]

J. S. Bach’s ‘Faith at Work!’

J.S. Bach loved Jesus! For Bach, there was really no difference between the worldly and the divine. His life as a believer was the same as his life as a musician, as a husband, as a father, and as a professional. (Brian McCreath, ‘The Bach Hour’) His music sings of passion for God in the battle […]

“Lament” – A Call to Artists and Poets

I want to remind everyone of a powerful and deeply relevant event coming next month! Lament – A Teaching Series and Artists Exhibition at Christ Church – November 1-22, 2015. A large portion of the Bible is the poetry of lament, certainly in the Psalms, but also in the short second book from the time of the […]

Civility and Gandhi’s advice

I’ve been asked for the definition of Civility, or a better term, Convicted Civility, shared in the last sermon post. We also told the challenging story of Gandhi’s response to the question of E. Stanley Jones, “How can Christian witness be most naturalized in India.” Here is a link where you can find the story.  The Civility […]

Living the Good News with Conviction, Civility, & Compassion

How do we engage the culture in which we find ourselves in a Christ-honoring way? This is a crucial and sometimes complex question for Christians everywhere. There are three essential ingredients from the Scriptures that put ‘flesh’ on being ‘salt and light’ in the culture. God calls us to be people of CONVICTION, CIVILITY, and COMPASSION.  The sermon from Oct. 4th is linked here. I’ve […]

“Be One Person!” Faith at Work – part 2

We all struggle with what the Psalmist calls a “divided heart.” (Psalm 86:11-13) The second teaching in our series, Faith at Work is about INTEGRITY: Being One Person! Listen to it here. It includes a personal story by Jim O’Donnell that inspired this emphasis for The Center for Faith at Work. The word, integrity, has a long, meaninful […]

The “Faith at Work” Series – part 1

We’ve begun a 6 week sermon series at Christ Church called Faith at Work. Week 1, Your Work Matters to God (listen here) seeks to lay the foundation for a theology of work and culture. In this post I want to point to some practical resources to support and equip us as we seek to integrate faith and work, (whatever your […]