The person of the Holy Spirit has been called the “neglected” member of the Trinity! (God doesn’t suffer from neglect – we suffer from neglecting!) The Spirit is described in many wonderful and vivid images, using all the senses – things we know best by experience rather than explanation: *the force of wind, *the intimacy of breathing; *the instincts of a […]

A Rage Against Ageism

Today I led a forum over lunch with more than 40 of our wonderful seniors at Christ Church. The presentation and discussion was called, Flourishing in the Fourth Quarter. We discussed healthy attitudes toward aging and God’s pushback against the cultural voice that says “aging equals diminishment.” (more of the content in a later blogpost) […]

Beauty Will Save the World! (An Essay on Discipleship & the Arts)

This year, the week before Easter was our first Celebration of the Arts at Christ Church. Our building was filled with paintings and other artistic works, a wall and a book of poetry, a cafe night of music and readings, and a forum we called Beauty Will Save the World: Christian Discipleship and the Arts. I now post this opening […]

Barabbas and the Great Exchange

We begin Holy Week. Sunday’s sermon dealt with a well-known but quickly dismissed character named Barabbas. A deeper kind of exchange takes place beyond the cry of the mob! Listen to the sermon here. Come to any or all of our three nights of the Easter Celebration of the Arts!  Each night opens at 6 with a special […]

Not like any other Week!

“Holy Week” (Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem through Resurrection Sunday) is so called because it marks the climax of God’s Grand Story of Redemption. It is Holy – “Set apart!” Here are some ways to engage this week as truly set apart, holy, special: Come to as many of the services and Arts nights as possible. [Our vision for […]

Restoration has begun!

In our series, Whole Gospel: The Bible’s Epic Drama, we come to Act 2: The Fall. In the sermon, I emphasize that we cannot be spiritually, emotionally, or relationally intelligent, if we don’t understand the fallenness of humanity!  But then we have to ask the question: “Is there any Good News in the fact that […]

The Drama of Scripture “Discussion Guide” is here

Drama bookAs we journey through our series, Whole Gospel: The Bible’s Epic Drama, I trust you will join us in reading the book: The Drama of Scripture. The sermons will cover each ‘Act’ of the Drama. I’ve written a brief Discussion/Study Guide for individuals, small groups, or families to help us apply what we’re learning.

Click on the Study Guide here:

The Drama of Scripture:
Questions for Discussion and Study


Reading ‘Hebrews’ each day in Lent

lent picEach day in Lent, I will post a portion of the amazing letter of HebrewsIt’s a wonderful way to see the Gospel of Christ throughout the Bible’s Epic Drama; to see Jesus as Creator, incarnate Son, suffering Savior, risen and ascended Lord!

You can follow each day on my Twitter or on Christ Church Facebook. Here is the scripture for Day 1 & 2, Hebrews 1:1-2:1.


Spring (training) is Here!

Ash Wednesday is today in the Western Church. It marks the beginning of the season of Lent – 40 days leading up to the Easter celebration of Christ’s Resurrection. Tonight, 7 pm, I encourage you to gather for a service of worship and repentance and the start of what we could call Spiritual Spring Training! […]