“Be One Person!” Faith at Work – part 2

We all struggle with what the Psalmist calls a “divided heart.” (Psalm 86:11-13) The second teaching in our series, Faith at Work is about INTEGRITY: Being One Person! Listen to it here. It includes a personal story by Jim O’Donnell that inspired this emphasis for The Center for Faith at Work. The word, integrity, has a long, meaninful […]

The “Faith at Work” Series – part 1

We’ve begun a 6 week sermon series at Christ Church called Faith at Work. Week 1, Your Work Matters to God (listen here) seeks to lay the foundation for a theology of work and culture. In this post I want to point to some practical resources to support and equip us as we seek to integrate faith and work, (whatever your […]

Re-think your work!

A very exciting announcement! We have just launched The Center for Faith at Work. Check out the Center’s website. This grows out of one of our Mission Priorities: to become and make committed disciples of Christ who glorify God and embody our faith in every area of life. We want to inspire, equip, and support one […]

A Prayer to Begin Your Day

In the previous post, I shared the story that challenged me to be more tuned into the everyday, ordinary opportunities for ministry to people. I closed the sermon Sunday with a suggested prayer to put in your own words. Here are variations you might use: A SUGGESTED PRAYER TO BEGIN EACH DAY: Lord I want to be available, to […]

The Church is outside the walls!

A necessary practice that will move us beyond theory, is to take time to process how God is speaking to us (and God IS constantly speaking!) With permission, I’m sharing a story, a not unusual day in my life or the life of a pastor, but a day when God “spoke to me.” I was reminded how the church is at […]

Learn to read the Bible S l o w l y

In our Praxis series, last week we studied biblical meditation (or “Rumination.”) This Sunday we learned and practiced an old/new way to listen to God through the Scriptures. Also called Lectio Divina – or – Sacred Reading, our community found it to be a deeply worshipful and personal encounter with the Lord. The outline is below […]

Why we have to learn how to Ruminate!

When I started blogging several years ago, I chose the title Ruminations. It’s still in the subtitle. It’s not just a graphic term for bovine digestion. It was adopted early in the church as a metaphor for the essential discipline of meditation. It means internalizing and assimilating the truth of God (specifically from Holy Scripture) into […]

The Why (and How) of Solitude + Silence

Our Executive Pastor, Neil Botts, just preached on “Loving Others Better Through Solitude and Silence.” Inspiring and intensely practical! You can listen here. Be sure to download his great resource, Practical Steps into Solitude and Silence.  Here is a summary from Neil… We are bombarded daily with the demands and expectations to be “productive” whether at work […]

‘Acedia’ – the Danger of Spiritual Apathy

This sermon in our Praxis series begins with a pastoral statement I made re: the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. You can listen to the entire sermon here. I also am including the written version of the statement as some have requested. It was helpful for many and I trust it will continue to set […]