You Need a ‘Sabbath!’

Christ Church hosts The Center for Faith at Work monthly dinner meetings. In October we explored how the biblical Sabbath can and must be applied to our work lives in order to truly flourish. I’ve summarized the Sabbath and the Workplace presentation and offer it here so you can access the practical content we experienced last […]

Worship and the Arts -or- “Beauty will save the world”

The God we worship glories in beauty! And how we live and worship should rightly reflect this. I recently had the joy of preaching on Worship and the Arts (linked here). In it I reference several important Biblical texts and statements on the importance of Beauty. Many of these are contained in the following essay […]

Worship ~ What Matters Most?

This summer we are exploring what authentic worship looks like. The sermon from 6/26/16 asks, “What Matters Most?”  We look at 4 less than best answers and 2 that I believe we are clearly called to. You can listen here.  Central to this question is Jesus response to the Samaritan woman in John 4. But the hour […]

What does JOY look like in a suffering world?

Last Sunday’s services followed the 6.12.16 shootings at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL. We began a new teaching series, The Heart of Worship, a bit different than originally planned. The music and liturgy reflected our collective lament and our common humanity. You can listen to the sermon here. It’s called, Worshiping in a Broken World.   We explored […]

Jesus’ Method or Ours

It would seem like a “no-brainer” to ask HOW Jesus did ministry and made disciples. Alas, we often take Jesus words and read the stories and then form our own methodology.  Looking at the encounter with Zacchaeus in Luke 19, this sermon (listen here) challenges some of our attitudes and practices. It points us to be faithful to […]

The Ascension – Jesus is ‘not on sabbatical!’

The Feast of the Ascension, deserves more attention, as we were reminded in last Sunday’s sermon, Is Jesus Really in Charge? Someone has said, “Ascension isn’t Jesus ‘on sabbatical’ until the Second Coming!” It marks, after Jesus’s conquest of death, his cosmic exaltation. In the Anglican and other traditions, prayers often end with reference to Jesus “who lives […]

What makes Jesus Angry?

We know Jesus often felt sad. He wept over Lazarus and over unresponsive Jerusalem. But what made Jesus ‘mad?’ We may think only of turning the tables in the Temple, but Jesus had some extremely angry words for the Pharisees and ‘experts’ in the Law. In Luke 11:37-12:3, we see Jesus ‘in the face’ of his religious […]

The Lord’s Prayer and Discipleship

Listen to this message (if you missed it or not in town) from Neil Botts, our Executive Pastor at Christ Church, on The Lord’s Prayer. Our current teaching series has a double focus: Learning what a disciple of Jesus is really ‘like;’ and learning from the Master how disciples are ‘made.’ Here is a helpful resource […]