If Jesus Came to Our Home

Our vision at Christ Church begins: “We will be a diverse community that lives the Good News of Jesus Christ for the flourishing of all people…” A right view of diversity comes from the very heart of God. Neil Botts, our Executive Pastor, preached a wonderfully challenging sermon from Luke 5, linked here. A summary and […]

If Jesus Came to Church

One thing is certain. Jesus’s Vision was crystal clear! It was embedded in the amazing prophecy of Isaiah (chpt 61 and 58) that Jesus read in his hometown synagogue in Nazareth. This sermon explores what is behind the vision and its implications for us today. (Due to a technical difficulty, this is a ‘studio’ recording, not the original.) “The […]

Is Jesus Vision really OUR vision?

Beginning at Advent, we are preaching through the Gospel of Luke this year at Christ Church. We are taking the first 3 weeks of the new year to explore the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry recorded in Luke, chapters 3-5. We’re asking the challenging question, “Is Jesus’ vision OUR vision?” Listen to the first sermon, […]

“Few are Guilty…but All are Responsible”

I’ve decided to turn a Facebook post into a blogpost with additional links based on response to this important point. It’s something I have found helpful in our often defensive conversations around racial tensions and efforts at reconciliation. These words come from Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (d. 1972), the great Jewish theologian and sometimes activist: “FEW ARE GUILTY, BUT ALL […]

Mary’s Magnificat: Soundtrack for a Revolution

The “songs” of Luke’s Gospel are many and amazing. Zachariah, Simeon, the Angels’ Gloria, and of course Mary’s Magnificat! They are sung throughout the year: morning, evening, and late nite by Christians all around the world. In preaching on the Magnificat, I borrowed this title: “Soundtrack for a Revolution” from a documentary on the “Freedom Songs” […]

Annunciation, some further thoughts in art and poetry

The arts help us slow down, and like Mary, “ponder these things” in our hearts. Above is a famous Western painting, along with an Eastern icon. Below are two poems from two of my favorite poets, Denise Levertov and Scott Cairns.   Annunciation, by Denise Levertov ‘Hail, space for the uncontained God’ (From the Agathistos Hymn, Greece, […]

Mary: Mother of Jesus; Disciple!

In Advent and Christmas this year we are teaching in Luke 1 and 2 around the theme of Hope for Everyone. Week one was Zechariah: Despite All Odds. Week two was a fresh look at the announcement to young Mary: Let it Be! (You can listen here.) Our view of Mary is one of those places where the history of the church is […]

Imagine it Whole! Lament and Advent

You’ll want to listen to Josh Danielson’s  sermon that closed out our Lament series. It’s called Is Restoration Possible? I’ve also been eager to share this poem below. It is by Tania Runyan and captures the tension of the “Already, but Not Yet” of our fallen world – a world that will one day be restored in the […]

O Lord, Hear Our Groaning!

An acrostic poem with Lament in its name; that groans off the page with agonizing intensity. That would be the Old Testament book of Lamentations. Our series, Lament: Talking with God through Pain and Suffering continues.  We ‘tag-teamed’ this sermon, with Cheryl Lavornia giving us the gripping context of the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC, and the importance of  giving […]

Joining Jesus in Lament

For four weeks leading to Advent, we are doing a sermon series and artists’ exhibit of original poetry and art called Lament. The first sermon, Joining Jesus in Lament, explains the importance of this neglected genre of Scripture and witness. Listen to it here.  Join us for our Café Night, on Friday, 13 November from 7-9 […]