“Saturated with Christ” – and overflowing

Here’s a paragraph from The Jesus Prayer, reviewed in the previous post and referenced in the October 11, ’09 teaching at Christ Church.  It captures the intimate link between communion with Christ and mission to the world.

“The purpose of this earthly life is to be saturated with the life of Christ.  Everything flows from that, every work of art and act of courageous witness, every  theological insight and every effort to help the poor.  The idea is that God will fill people with His Son’s life, and then they will accomplish his work in the world.”

“(Christ’s) indwelling presence heals, restores, and completes us, preparing each of us to take up the role in his kingdom that we alone can fill.”

Frederica Mathewes-Green, The Jesus Prayer: The Ancient Desert Prayer That Tunes The Heart To God, p.12

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