“Deadly Sins” – C.S. Lewis Poem and Commentary

For those who love poetry and C. S. Lewis, you’ll be happy to know he was a poet as well as a master of most other genres! Being a medieval scholar he was very familiar with the historical development of the Seven Deadly Sins (our current ‘mini-series’ at Christ Church),  and more importantly the biblical meaning of each.  He wrote a poem called Deadly Sins. It is available on the internet and I’m  linking to an article by Lewis scholar, Paul Ford.  Read the poem and the great notes that are beside it.

Ford ends with this summary.
…Lewis is saying here that, if the sinner would look along, or perhaps better look through, the sin and see what was really the object desired, the temptation process would become an opportunity for deeper growth in the Spirit.

It’s another way of saying that the Tempter can only take the good passions and get us to misuse them in some way.  Or, as we have been saying, to get us to live sub-human lives.    link to the poem.

[One other article of interest is from the fantastic Into the Wardrobe website where the author conjectures that Lewis may have consciously or unconsciously  weaved one of the sins into each of the Chronicles of Narnia!  Check it out here.]

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