How to Pray with the Psalms

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.28.15 PMOur series on prayer comes to the essential place of the PSALMS in prayer. The sermon from August 3rd gives reasons and practical ways to “pray with the Psalms,” especially when we are in pain or when God seems far away!  The diagram here is from that teaching.

You can also download a short anthology of some wonderful quotes about the Psalms at the Psalm Page of this blog.

On vacation this week, I came across a used book store. (“I brake for bookstores.”) I stumbled upon these two additional reasons for praying the Psalms from Thomas Merton.

That is why I am more and more thankful… for the Psalms. Their praise of God is perfect, and God gives it to me to utter as more my own than any language I could think up for myself.    (from ‘A Year with Thomas Merton’)

This is the secret of the psalms. Our identity is hidden in them. In them we find ourselves and God. In these fragments he has revealed not only Himself to us but ourselves to Him.  (from ‘The Journals of Thomas Merton 2’)

So if this practice  is new to you, let me encourage you to listen to the teaching and then begin – just begin reading the Psalms – each day – and let them become your own prayers – Jesus’ prayers with you – teaching you how to pray!

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