Hope that overcomes Despair

anchor 3The Anchor, which is the RI state seal, was the ancient Christian symbol of Hope. The hope of Christ that is the anchor of our lives (from Hebrews 6:19.)

Our Advant series, A Light in the Darkness, ended with an amazing experience of worship focused on Hope amid Despair. The poignant story of a couple’s journey through the despair of death was surrounded by music and teaching from Scripture about lament and enduring hope.
You can listen here. I’m including some illustrations I used in the sermon
that will help you as you listen.

The Scriptures were from:
Lamentations 3
Psalm 77
Romans 15

The pattern we see in the Bible is one of honesty with ourselves and God. Like Peter when the Apostles were asked, “Will you too, go away?” we can respond, “To whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life…” (John 6:66-69) Lamentations and Psalms both model the practices of pondering God’s Word while continuing in prayer. Renewed Hope is God’s desire for each of us.

14-12-21 - Advent 4 - Hope and Despair.001 14-12-21 - Advent 4 - Hope and Despair.002 14-12-21 - Advent 4 - Hope and Despair.003

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