Not like any other Week!

Rembrandt 2“Holy Week” (Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem through Resurrection Sunday) is so called because it marks the climax of God’s Grand Story of Redemption. It is Holy – “Set apart!”

Here are some ways to engage this week as truly set apart, holy, special:

Come to as many of the services and Arts nights as possible. [Our vision for an Easter Celebration of the Arts is happening in a big way!]


Sunday of the Passion / March 29 / “Jesus or Barabbas?”

Wednesday / April 1 / Celebration of Arts Exhibit and events begin
6-8:30 pm Gallery Open
[7-8:30 Cafe Night – Readings / Music / coffee / tea / refreshments]

Thursday / April 2
6-8:30 Gallery Open
[7-8 – Lecture/Forum – Beauty Will Save The World: Christian Discipleship and the Arts – I will be presenting a short lecture / followed by responses from some of our artists / time for Q & A]

Friday / April 3
6-7 Gallery Open
[7 pm Good Friday Service of Worship in the Sanctuary / reading and experiencing Jesus’ Last Hours before his death / Holy Communion ]

Sunday / April 5
7 am Sunrise Service in the church sanctuary
9 & 11 Easter Celebration Services at Cole Middle School
[The Gallery will be open after each service with refreshments in the church Connection Cafe]

Be sure to read and meditate deeply on the Passion story. Read one or more of the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ final week leading to the cross:
Matthew ch. 21 ff
Mark ch.11 ff
Luke ch. 19:28 ff
John 12:12 ff

I close with a prayer from Howard Burgoyne, Supt. of the East Coast Conference of our denomination:

My prayers for each of you as we advance into Holy Week where the passion of Jesus blossoms fully is that you too will discover the sustaining grace of God’s word and Spirit in your life, to the extent that the devil departs, angels attend you, and your…ministry relaunches in the power and promise of the Risen Christ.

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