The Why (and How) of Solitude + Silence

Neil's "frenzied heart" - now  settled!
Neil’s ‘frenzied heart’ – now settled!

Our Executive Pastor, Neil Botts, just preached on “Loving Others Better Through Solitude and Silence.” Inspiring and intensely practical! You can listen here. Be sure to download his great resource, Practical Steps into Solitude and Silence.  Here is a summary from Neil…

We are bombarded daily with the demands and expectations to be “productive” whether at work or at school or at church. As a result, our sense of worth and identity are often entangled with a frenzied pursuit to “produce.” Add to that our skepticism that we can be truly known and still loved apart from what we “produce,” we then fill our lives with busyness and activity which hinders our ability to be present with people and to hear God speak into our loneliness. The spiritual practice of solitude and silence is a gift from God that opens the door to a new way of being productive and fruitful in relationships and in life. We are better in community (and for our community) when we are regularly in solitude.

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