What makes Jesus Angry?

MakeDisciplesLogoWe know Jesus often felt sad. He wept over Lazarus and over unresponsive Jerusalem. But what made Jesus ‘mad?’ We may think only of turning the tables in the Temple, but Jesus had some extremely angry words for the Pharisees and ‘experts’ in the Law. In Luke 11:37-12:3, we see Jesus ‘in the face’ of his religious adversaries. The challenges are powerful and relevant for our day when many claim to speak for God without the integrity of the inner and outer life. The sermon audio is available here.

You will discover at least 4 things that make Jesus angry and poison the church:
1. Spiritual Hypocrisy around the good disciplines like tithing and prayer
2. Spiritual Pride and showmanship
3. Legalism – trusting in man-made rules and imposing them on people
4. Hindering the faith of others by misrepresenting the heart of God


Do you and I take seriously what Jesus is seriously angry about?


One thought on “What makes Jesus Angry?”

  1. This sermon really spoke to me, as I often struggle with the things that God takes seriously.I know Spiritual Pride is a big problem among Christians including myself.We often deceive ourselves by believing that the keeping of certain rules will gain us favors with God.I have been so intrigued by being reminded that Jesus did not get angry with “sinners” but with the self righteous.
    We love to point out the “sins” of others and brag about how we keep the Law or better certain aspects of the Law, but have a hardened heart toward those who struggle with life and sin

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