You Need a ‘Sabbath!’

sabbath-girl-for-webChrist Church hosts The Center for Faith at Work monthly dinner meetings. In October we explored how the biblical Sabbath can and must be applied to our work lives in order to truly flourish. I’ve summarized the Sabbath and the Workplace presentation and offer it here so you can access the practical content we experienced last month. It includes the teaching, great articles, and question to help you apply the sabbath principle.

Download the PDF here.

Here is a video excerpt from my interview with Robert Messore, a leader at Christ Church, a sales manager by trade, a spiritual director, and self identified monastic!

I hope you can join us for our next Monday meeting on November 7th: Work-Life Balance – Priorities & Rhythms. Click here to register.

NOTE: We have begun to partner with the Theology of Work Project as we plan our program content. I believe this will add value in amazing ways as we also help them design materials for other churches and ministries to focus on faith at work.

Many people only think about Sabbath in terms of what it means to rest from our work. But what if we are also called to work from our rest. That making space for a real Sabbath is not only designed to offer us physical refreshment following a demanding week, but actually changes the way we approach our work because we have seen more clearly the way God works and also the way God invites us to work in partnership with him.    (Walter Brueggemann)

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