“Mark My Word!” (Jesus)

16-10-30-ccbe-matthew-jesus-master-teacher-009Matthew’s Gospel is filled with the challenge and promise of taking Jesus’ word seriously! To live as if Christ has inaugurated the Kingdom on earth (because he HAS!). In this sermon, we looked at one of the many radical sayings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. He calls us to be “Unoffendable!” (to borrow a word from a recent book title.)  Click here to listen to the sermon.


Enjoy this wonderful sonnet  by Malcolm Guite called As If.

Matthew 5:42  –  Give to the one who asks you, and from the one who would borrow from you, turn not away. 

The Giver of all gifts asks me to give!

The Fountain from which every good thing flows,

The Life who spends himself that all might live,

The Root whence every bud and blossom grows,

Calls me, as if I knew no limitation,

As if I focused all his hidden force,

To be creative with his new creation,

To find my flow in him, my living source,

To live as if I had no fear of losing,

To spend as if I had no need to earn,

To turn my cheek as if it felt no bruising,

To lend as if I needed no return,

As if my debts and sins were all forgiven,

As if I too could body forth his Heaven.

(Guite’s blog site is a treasure. Check it out)

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