#CCLent17 / Day 25 / March 29 / Psalm 22 on the lips of Jesus

eloi-eloiMy God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
    Why are you so far from saving me,
    so far from my cries of anguish?
(Psalm 22:1)

This week we are looking at the voice of Christ in the Psalms (see Day 24).

What would the disciples make of Jesus’ lament from Psalm 22, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Would they be grateful that the book of Psalms allows us to express such an emotion before God, or would they find their trust in God shaken to the core?  (Kathleen Norris, in God For Us, p.171)

This is perhaps the most famous Psalm quote of Jesus, which is from the cross. (see Matthew 27:45-47)  It is “the canticle of the Lord’s suffering and death.” Of course God the Father did not forsake His Son. But Jesus, in the Psalm gives voice to the feeling of abandonment as he takes on himself the sins of the world. In coming days we’ll look at how this Psalm is filled with other direct references to Jesus’ passion and resurrection!

Read and pray through the whole of Psalm 22 this week (as I believe Jesus would have recited and prayed this whole Psalm which he had memorized!)

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