‘Christus Victor!’ ~ Easter Sermon

 The Resurrection of Christ, celebrated and proclaimed throughout the world last Sunday is the height of joy and new life in Christ! Here is my Easter sermon from Christ Church. 

Below is the translation of a portion of  J.S. Bach’s Cantata for Easter and a link you may enjoy of a performance of his Easter music from the Boston radio program, The Bach Hour.

Cantata for the First Day of Easter

Heaven laughs! Earth exults
and all she bears in her lap;
the Creator lives! The Highest triumphs
and is freed from the bonds of death.
He who has selected the grave for rest,
the Holy One, can not be corrupted.

Longed-for day! O soul, be happy again!
The Alpha and Omega,
the first and also the last,
who placed our heavy guilt in the prison of death,
is now wrested from danger!
The Lord was dead,
and behold, He lives again;
if our Head lives, so also the limbs live.
The Lord has in His hand
the key to death and hell!

So rise up then, you God-given soul,
with Christ in spirit!
Step onto the new course of life!
Up! Away from the works of death!
Let your Savior take notice
of your life in the world!
The vine, that now blooms,
bears no dead fruit!
The tree of life lets its branches live!
A Christian flees
with great haste from the grave!
He leaves the stone,
he leaves the cloth of sin behind
and wishes to be living with Christ.



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