#CCLent17 / Day 24 / March 28 / Hearing Christ in the Psalms

O Lord my God, in you do I take refuge;     save me from all my pursuers and deliver me (Psalm 7:1) The Psalms are the most “human” of the Bible’s sacred texts, reflecting like a mirror every emotion and condition. Yet, as Patrick Reardon explains, there is another voice we need to hear: The humanism […]

Soul Medicine – Prescriptions from the Psalms

This week I re-read the 4th century letter of Athanasius of Alexandria written to a man named Marcellinus on the importance and use of the Psalms. It is often available as part of the his famous work, On the Incarnation. It should be in every Christian’s library.  The edition I have has an introduction by C.S. […]

Psalmody, part 7 – The Psalms: good psychologists!

I’m defining Psalmody as  “the continuous and systematic praying or singing of the Psalms.” (see all the Psalmody posts) Kathleen Norris on the mental health of praying the Psalms: In expressing all the complexities and contradictions of human experience, the Psalms act as good psychologists. (Another writer said that the Psalms touch such a range […]

‘Psalmody’ part 1 – Christ in the Psalms

This summer I taught the morning sessions at Pilgrim Pines family camp in NH for a week in July. My theme was, Psalmody: Experiencing Christ in the Psalms.  These teachings are currently available for downloading here. I’m going to do several posts sharing some of the quotes I collected and shared that week.  I’ll send the […]

Pray the Psalms (Jesus did!)

“Jesus was a master of the Psalms.  Whenever he heard them, in the synogogue and at the temple, he took them to heart, for the Psalms spilled constantly from his lips… His entire life was bathed with Psalms… Jesus prayed the Psalms and Christians have always followed his example.”  (Scot McKnight, Praying With The Church, […]