If Jesus Came to Church

One thing is certain. Jesus’s Vision was crystal clear! It was embedded in the amazing prophecy of Isaiah (chpt 61 and 58) that Jesus read in his hometown synagogue in Nazareth. This sermon explores what is behind the vision and its implications for us today. (Due to a technical difficulty, this is a ‘studio’ recording, not the original.) “The […]

Is Jesus Vision really OUR vision?

Beginning at Advent, we are preaching through the Gospel of Luke this year at Christ Church. We are taking the first 3 weeks of the new year to explore the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry recorded in Luke, chapters 3-5. We’re asking the challenging question, “Is Jesus’ vision OUR vision?” Listen to the first sermon, […]

The Church is outside the walls!

A necessary practice that will move us beyond theory, is to take time to process how God is speaking to us (and God IS constantly speaking!) With permission, I’m sharing a story, a not unusual day in my life or the life of a pastor, but a day when God “spoke to me.” I was reminded how the church is at […]

Your Ordinary – High Calling!

The calling of the first disciples in John 1:35-51 is an intriguing picture of  simple invitation and mysterious Divine plan. The number of disciples first increases through the organic networking of family and friends. It still does!  “Come and see,” says Jesus to Andrew…who finds his brother Peter and brings him to Jesus…who calls Philip to follow […]

Living ‘Under the Influence’

Pentecost is celebrated 50 days after Easter. In our Flourish! series we re-visited the essential question of the Power behind a life of flourishing – the Holy Spirit. Jesus four times (in John, ch. 14-16) promises that he will send the Paraclete  (Greek for “Helper,” “Counselor,” “Comforter,” or “Advocate” – literally, “One who comes alongside […]

The Abraham Conspiracy – Grasping God’s Mission in the world

Every generation; every church community; every serious Christ-follower must come to grips with God’s mission. God invites us into the greatest privilege and adventure possible. I’ve dubbed it the Abraham Conspiracy. In this post I want to share a link to the sermon that lays out the Big Picture of the mission of God that […]

The Holy Spirit – THE wind beneath our wings

Last Sunday marked the coming of the Holy Spirit to the new community of Jesus called the Church! Nothing would remain the same! Malcolm Guite, poet, Anglican priest, and song-writer has written a whole book of sonnets for the Christian Year. I want to share his beautiful rendering of Pentecost. Today we feel the wind beneath […]

The Spiritual Homelessness of Young Adults

Much has been written about the so called “Nones” – the seemingly growing number of those in America marking “none” as to their religious affiliation. An article from David Kinnaman is the Barna Research organization’s more detailed take on the spiritual journeys of young adults, or millennials,  and how older Christian leaders can best ‘mentor’ […]

The Church – Bad for Humanity?

In our teaching series called “Tough Questions,” we looked at “The Church’s”  image problem among so many in our culture.  The question being raised by those understandably cynical about organized religion in general and Christianity in particular, could, I believe be put like this: Isn’t the Church really bad for humanity? I’ll put two quotes […]