What does JOY look like in a suffering world?

Last Sunday’s services followed the 6.12.16 shootings at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL. We began a new teaching series, The Heart of Worship, a bit different than originally planned. The music and liturgy reflected our collective lament and our common humanity. You can listen to the sermon here. It’s called, Worshiping in a Broken World.   We explored […]

Is Jesus Vision really OUR vision?

Beginning at Advent, we are preaching through the Gospel of Luke this year at Christ Church. We are taking the first 3 weeks of the new year to explore the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry recorded in Luke, chapters 3-5. We’re asking the challenging question, “Is Jesus’ vision OUR vision?” Listen to the first sermon, […]

“Few are Guilty…but All are Responsible”

I’ve decided to turn a Facebook post into a blogpost with additional links based on response to this important point. It’s something I have found helpful in our often defensive conversations around racial tensions and efforts at reconciliation. These words come from Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (d. 1972), the great Jewish theologian and sometimes activist: “FEW ARE GUILTY, BUT ALL […]

Same-Sex Marriage and the Church

This sermon in our Praxis series begins with a pastoral statement I made re: the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. You can listen to the entire sermon here. I also am including the written version of the statement as some have requested. It was helpful for many and I trust it will continue to set […]

An Ebola Doctor on ‘True Neighbor Love’

Listen to this short interview with the Samaritan’s Purse doctor, Kent Brantly. A wonderful reminder of “compassion trumping fear.” He closes with these words which, I believe, are deeply relevant to many other complex issues that can challenge and divide us. A lesson I’ve learned is – we need to worry about the people we don’t […]

Three Ordinary Radicals

In our series, ALL IN! we come to the 8th Commandment against stealing. I called it, “Who are you Robbing?“  which you can access here. We highlighted three doctors – ordinary servants of Christ – who have freely given their lives out of love for God and their African neighbors. Their stories teach us the depth of […]

‘You’re killing me!’ – the many faces of destructive talk

Death and life are in the power of the tongue…!  Proverbs (18:21) The 6th Commandment against murder guards the sacredness of human life. In our series, “All In” I called this teaching, “You’re Killing Me: The 6th Commandment and the Sacredness of Human Life,” which I encourage you to listen to here.  I crafted what I called an […]

Beauty and the Beast

In an earlier post, “Beauty will save the World,”  I highlighted the last section of the poem by Czeslaw Milosz called One More Day. Milosz lived through the horrors of attrocities in 20th cent. Europe. He draws attention to the reality of moral absolutes built in by God. In light of the current raw evils that […]

Beyond Tolerance: Being the Church in our Culture

How Christ-followers engage with the culture they are a part of is a crucial and sometimes complex question. I have been working over the last two years on three essential ingredients from the Scriptures that put ‘flesh’ on being ‘salt and light’ in the culture. (Matthew 5:13-16) God calls us to be people of CONVICTION, CIVILITY, and COMPASSION.  The […]