The Church is outside the walls!

A necessary practice that will move us beyond theory, is to take time to process how God is speaking to us (and God IS constantly speaking!) With permission, I’m sharing a story, a not unusual day in my life or the life of a pastor, but a day when God “spoke to me.” I was reminded how the church is at […]

The Why (and How) of Solitude + Silence

Our Executive Pastor, Neil Botts, just preached on “Loving Others Better Through Solitude and Silence.” Inspiring and intensely practical! You can listen here. Be sure to download his great resource, Practical Steps into Solitude and Silence.  Here is a summary from Neil… We are bombarded daily with the demands and expectations to be “productive” whether at work […]

Do our lives have Authority?

In our series, Ordinary People, Radical Kingdom, we examined Mark 1:21-28 and asked the question, “By what authority?” Why was Jesus’ authority so obvious – and what, if any, authority do we have as his modern day disciples? Jesus demonstrated his authority, not only in his teaching, but also in calling the 12, casting out demons, […]

Three Ordinary Radicals

In our series, ALL IN! we come to the 8th Commandment against stealing. I called it, “Who are you Robbing?“  which you can access here. We highlighted three doctors – ordinary servants of Christ – who have freely given their lives out of love for God and their African neighbors. Their stories teach us the depth of […]

Day 2 – Choose Life!

Our readings for this second day of Lent are not fuzzy. God calls his people to choose. Choose the path of the blessed man. Choose God who IS your life! Choose Jesus’ way of saving your life – the way of the cross – DAILY. Read these powerful passages and be reminded of what it […]

It’s time for ‘Spring Training!’

Everyone is ready for spring! Of course the Red Sox have reported – – to Florida! March 5th begins the 40 day Journey known throughout much of Church history as Lent. It could be called the Christian disciple’s “Spring Training!” (Lent means “spring”)  It’s getting ourselves more fit and strong and disciplined for the “regular […]

Imitating Jesus’ body language

We’ve all heard the stats – that 60-90+ percent of our communication is non-verbal! Actual words are only a part of the message we send.  Certainly Jesus relied on more than the spoken message, as vital and powerful as his teaching was! Jesus proclaimed the Good News of the Kingdom’s arrival – in many ways. […]

Disciples Imitate their Master

In our series, I am a Disciple, we began with a sermon on the meaning of following or imitating Christ. Our modern use of “Imitate” might take us to thoughts of “cheap imitation” or mimicing someone’s accent or mannerisms.  But to imitate Jesus is very different! Mark’s Gospel, though it doesn’t have long sections of […]

Discipleship in Mark’s Gospel – 2 Great Resources

MY THANKS TO CHERYL LAVORNIA FOR THESE HELPFUL REVIEWS Have you ever read a book that captured your imagination in a new way…that makes you change the way you interact with life? What if you found a book that did just that AND it somehow helped you read and understand the Bible better? This past […]