Elephant in the Room: The Mystery of Unanswered Prayer

At the point of crisis, we usually  don’t engage in deep theological reflection.  But later – after the unexpainable suffering, we silently and maybe even outloud, begin to question how this prayer business works.  Peter Grieg, who’s wife died very young, begins his excellent and honest book by pointing to Jesus: In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus […]

The Elephant of Anger and Resentment

The teaching on resentment touched alot of nerves. You can download the morning and Sanctuary (evening) version – in which I shared much more personally about my own experiences – by going to the Christ Church sermon archives.  A summary of some definitions of resentment: Resentment is “COLD ANGER” (hot anger can be over quickly) […]

Elephant #1 – Money: Servant or Master?

In our summer series, “The Elephant in the Room,” we first look at Money. We  will apply the 6 Act Drama concept of scripture to each Elephant in the series. Consumerism has been called “The Cult of the Next Thing.”  The essay “Trapped in the Cult of  the Next Thing,” by Mark Buchanon and is available here. […]

The Elephant in the Room – Jesus and Elephants

  My working definition of an “Elephant” is an issue that we’re in denial about; defeated by; or  – afraid to ask about – and need to submit to Jesus (to effectively address).  Jesus called people to face elephants throughout his ministry, often by asking provocative questions: “Who do people say that I am?”  then […]