Tools to help you share the Good News

Evangelism is a good word (“Announcing the Good News!”)  but it has a bad rap in our culture at present – for some good reasons of course! When people feel tele-marketed or coerced, it betrays the love orientation that God demonstrates in Christ. The Gospel is good news because God, in Jesus is reconciling and restoring […]

The Beauty of the Gospel in the Prodigal Son

Kenneth Bailey invested his 40+ year New Testament research and teaching career in the Middle East.  Of his many books, three are on the cultural background of Luke 15 and the “Lost and Found” parables, especially the “Prodigal Son,” or as Bailey titles it: “The Compassionate Father and His Two Lost Sons!” (Luke 15:11-32) You […]

Are you ‘Plugged in?’

Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches…apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5) We were created and redeemed to be connected to God, to God’s people, and to be fruitful in God’s mission in the world. Jesus promised the gift of the Holy Spirit who would through his new community […]

‘Going Viral’ – the power of our story

We had an incredible morning of services at Christ Church that God used to drive home how God uses each of our stories to impact our world. Jesus, in John 4 engages the woman at the well in Samaria – a place and a people self-righteously avoided by the average Jew.  In the course of […]

McKnight’s Reflections on Providence visit

I believe The One Event and Leader’s Forum on The King Jesus Gospel with Scot McKnight were fruitful and important experiences for the church in our area. We had a wonderful time with Scot and he was so generous of his time and energy with us.  More of  my thoughts later… You may be interested in his […]

Who is Scot McKnight (and why is he coming to Providence?)

We’ve talked for several years about trying to have Scot McKnight in Rhode Island.  Scot is not your celebrity type Christian rock star.  But he is making a very rock-solid  contribution to the Christian world. McKnight is New Testament prof at North Park University (connected to our Evangelical Covenant denom.) He is a prolific author […]

Exclusively Jesus? A new look at an old question

It’s a stumbling block for many who seek AND for many who share their faith.  In an age of religious and spiritual pluralism (many options) and “the new atheism” – how do we announce as the apostles did, “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name given under heaven by […]

Reclaiming Jesus’ way of ‘Evangelism’

Insights often come in threes. Everywhere you turn, you hear the similar challenge or reminder. This week it was in counseling a new Christian, a conversation with a son, a column by the President of the Covenant denomination of which we are a part. Our American brand of Christianity has often made evangelism about method-sharing […]