The Bible in a Word – an essay on ‘Flourishing’

Yesterday, on the final day of my Biblical Thought class for the semester, I read this brief essay and then gave it to them along with suggestions for further study. I said,  “Here’s another way to describe what I long for all of you and myself as we’ve explored the drama of Scripture. It centers around the […]

Ordination to Ordinary Life and Work

As our Faith at Work Series continues, we were blessed as a congregation to take a small step toward what we call the “ordination to ordinary life and work.”  Listen to the sermon here. The picture to the right is from the 9/11 Museum and story from John Felker of Chaplain Mychal Judge who died […]

“Lament” – A Call to Artists and Poets

I want to remind everyone of a powerful and deeply relevant event coming next month! Lament – A Teaching Series and Artists Exhibition at Christ Church – November 1-22, 2015. A large portion of the Bible is the poetry of lament, certainly in the Psalms, but also in the short second book from the time of the […]

Restoration has begun!

In our series, Whole Gospel: The Bible’s Epic Drama, we come to Act 2: The Fall. In the sermon, I emphasize that we cannot be spiritually, emotionally, or relationally intelligent, if we don’t understand the fallenness of humanity!  But then we have to ask the question: “Is there any Good News in the fact that […]

Are You “All In?”

We’ve began our new teaching series called “All In.”  Listen to the intro sermon here. The biblical book of Deuteronomy reminds us that the choices we make – make all the difference! Some resources for this ten week journey: I highlighted an article from Yale University responding to the allegation that education has stopped asking […]

‘Beauty will save the world’ ?

I had the opportunity recently to hear Gregory Wolfe, who is the founder of Image, a wonderful quarterly journal which has the byline: Art * Faith * Mystery. His book, Beauty Will Save the World: Recovering the Human in an Ideological Age, makes a powerful case for the importance of beauty and imagination to engage the  culture. “Beauty will save the […]

Living ‘Under the Influence’

Pentecost is celebrated 50 days after Easter. In our Flourish! series we re-visited the essential question of the Power behind a life of flourishing – the Holy Spirit. Jesus four times (in John, ch. 14-16) promises that he will send the Paraclete  (Greek for “Helper,” “Counselor,” “Comforter,” or “Advocate” – literally, “One who comes alongside […]

Why EVERY Human life is Sacred!

Our series called Flourish! continues with part 2 – how the New Testament teaches the implications of The Sacredness of EVERY Human Life!  (You can access the sermon audio here.) The four New Testament teachings: 1. The Incarnation of Christ (if God became human, then NO human can be seen as worthless! The incarnation elevates […]

Looking for Pleasure in the right place.

My son, Stephen, recently told me of a friend who is doing his doctorate on “The Happiness of God!” I thought of this as I was reading Psalm 16. It ends with a beautiful expression of the locus of true pleasure and happiness. You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness […]