So, Will All Be Saved in the End?

A follow-up to the teaching, Will All Be Saved in the End? in our Tough Questions Series.  I had the privilege at North Park University of speaking with Kallistos Ware, elderly Orthodox bishop and scholar from England. I had read his essay called, Dare We Hope for the Salvation of All? (I found it on the […]

Jesus pulled me up by the wrist

Holy Week and Easter Sunday were glorious times for our church. In the sermon Sunday, (available here) I used, as I have for many years, the icon of the Resurrection, originating in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Christ has smashed the gates of Hades (or death) and fashioned them as a bridge over the pit of […]

N. T. Wright on ‘Hell’

Hell is in the News a lot lately because of recent books and rebuttals.  I recently came across some short videos where N.T. Wright comments on various questions around heaven and hell. These were in conjunction with his excellent book, Surprised By Hope.  Here is one of the videos and three of the transcripts.  You […]

Jesus’ Resurrection…and Ours!

He is risen….and Jesus’ resurrection is the the first fruits of all to come!  The resurrection of the body is so vital to understand.  On Easter I mentioned a new book by N.T. Wright – Surprised By Hope.  Here is an excerpt from the book printed in the new Christianity Today. There is no agreement in […]

The ‘Intermediate Heaven’

Recent teachings on ‘Act 6’ of the Biblical Drama have looked at the themes around “New Creation.”  We’ve approached tough questions about heaven and hell and living in light of eternity.  For many of us, our understanding of Heaven  has been shrunken and ill-informed.  One of the biggest misconceptions is about the state of the […]

Some new/old thoughts on ‘Hell’

The Eastern church’s view of hell is very insightful and a necessary counter to the traditional western view that often comes more from Dante’s Inferno,  graphic paintings, and Greek mythology than from biblical teaching.  One article that will stimulate thinking on the nature of God’s presence as it relates to heaven and hell I will link […]

John Chrysostom’s Easter Sermon

On Easter and again in a teaching on hell (April 29, 2007), I referenced a sermon that is read at every Eastern Orthodox Easter service.  The author is John Chrysostom (347-407) who is known as one of the greatest preachers in history. Read the entire sermon and be inspired again by the victory of Christ!