Is Jesus ‘Enough?’ – Listen to Bach

Princeton mathematician, Bernard Chazelle runs out of superlatives for J.S. Bach. He calls Bach the most human of all composers who “gets to your soul through your body.” Here is a gem of an article with embedded excerpts of music that will make you an instant Bach fan. (You can also listen to a fascinating On Being interview by Krista Tippett.) Speaking of […]

What’s the use!

When the world seems to be coming unglued, it’s easy to lean toward despair or acedia or worse. On October 22, 1939, Lewis preached at the University Church of St. Mary in Oxford. I had the privilege of hearing an English orator re-enact the sermon at this church when I attended a conference in Oxford a […]

Poetry Monday – Humility and hope in a broken world

I try to always read some poetry on my day off – my Sabbath Monday. This poem by Anne Porter struck me in a unique way. It reminds me of my part in the brokenness inflicted by sin. My “blind complicity” as she says in the third stanza. How I dismiss people in their wounded […]

Live with the end in mind!

Eschatology – or the study of “Last Things,” has often been mis-applied. What the Bible tells us about the end of all things is not to make us speculate or to make us panic and evacuate.  Rather it is about living NOW in light of the in-breaking of Christ and His Kingdom! It’s about being […]

Poetry Monday – Longing for Home

The 17th century pastor and writer Richard Baxter, in his later years, spent a portion of each day in ‘Heavenly contemplation.” It deepened his love and delight in God and helped his fruitfulness in ministry. I’m finding  myself “homesick” too, in a joyful way, eager to taste the sweetness of that eternal Communion with my […]

‘Of Gods and Men’ Review

God’s Kingdom is worth everything we have! That is the message of Jesus’ Treasure and Pearl Parables.  It is also the message of a marvelous movie seen by so few.  It is the story of a community of Cistercian monks in Algeria in the early 1990’s, who have close relationships with their Muslim neighbors but who […]

Life after death: Intermediate Heaven and the Eternal State

Richard Baxter, English pastor and author living in the 1600’s,  went through an extreme physical breakdown that left him near death for 5 months.  During that time he meditated deeply on the scriptural teaching on heaven and eternity.  He recovered and later his notes and sermons became the book, The Saints Everlasting Rest.  After this […]