Day 23, The Ephrem Prayer (part 7)

Pray this prayer again – slowly. Jesus doesn’t warn against repetition – just meaningless repetition! Now that you’ve reflected on the meaning of each petition, pray slowly enough to always mean it! O Lord and Master of my life! Take from me the spirit of apathy, despondency, ambition, and empty talk. +++ But give rather […]

Poetry Monday – Humility and hope in a broken world

I try to always read some poetry on my day off – my Sabbath Monday. This poem by Anne Porter struck me in a unique way. It reminds me of my part in the brokenness inflicted by sin. My “blind complicity” as she says in the third stanza. How I dismiss people in their wounded […]

Prayers I Go To Constantly

I find my prayer life becoming more simple.  I didn’t say simplistic. Quite the opposite, I find that I am drawn to the Biblical prayers; the Ancient words that quickly “put me in my place” as the beloved forgiven sinner who belongs to the Mighty and Good God! I mentioned this idea in last week’s teaching […]

C. S. Lewis on the Battle with Pride

In a sermon on 1 Peter 5:1-6, The Battle With Pride, we had readers do an excerpt from C.S. Lewis’ famous Screwtape Letters. I’ve listed some great Lewis quotes on Pride and Humility below.  But if you’d like to read the whole Letter (#14) from Screwtape, just click here. I’ll end with some background on […]

Be a Humble Apologist!

The New Testament letter of 1 Peter provides a wonderful paradigm for the “Defense of the Faith.”  (Christian Apologetics) This is vital to understand if we are going to welcome tough questions – either our own or those that others want to discuss or argue. “…but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always […]

How ‘Secure’ am I?

At Christ Church this month we’re exploring Matthew 18 around the theme of “Life Together: Jesus and Relationships.”  Healthy relationships begin with childlikeness.  (Not that children are our models for selflessness and humility, but taking the humble place of a child in how we see ourselves.) Being secure in the arms of God’s love energizes […]

Screwtape – on Pride and Humility

In our series on the Seven Deadly Sins, we’ll have occasion to see what ‘Uncle Screwtape’ has to say to his junior devil ‘Wormwood’ about the develish strategy for influencing his Christian ‘patient!’ Here’s the opening paragraph from C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters – #14 on Pride to whet your appetite. You can read the […]