Possessing the Peace of Christ

“Acquire the Spirit of Peace and thousands around you will be saved.” (Seraphim of Sarov, Russia, 18th cent.) Our sermon series in Advent at Christ Church is called: Give Them Jesus. We are teaching the themes of HOPE, PEACE, JOY, and LOVE through Scripture, art, and personal stories. The series. None of these four virtues are dependent […]

Poetry Monday – Ephrem the Syrian on Christ’s Nativity

Ephrem the Syrian, known as the ‘Harp of the Holy Spirit’ is described as ‘the greatest poet of the patristic age and perhaps the only theologian-poet to rank beside Dante.’ Ephrem was not only a well-known figure in the Syriac-speaking world but also was well known in the Greek East and the Latin West. I […]

Give Them Jesus!

Christ is come to save the people Whom He has created and whom He loves. Eastern Hymn for the Sunday before the Nativity Martin Luther, the Reformer, strongly challenged the church of his day (16th Century) over unbiblical practices like indulgences, that were drastically clouding over the Good News. It’s  recorded that Luther’s spiritual father […]

Adam and Christmas Eve

The Story of God and Man begins with the creation of Adam – the first icon, made in the image and likeness of God. Though designed to walk with God and rule the earth with him, Adam (whose name means ‘humanity’) falls and God immediately begins the great cracked-icon-restoration project with the promise of the […]

Christmas Eve Preparation – an early Christian ‘sermon hymn’ on the Nativity

If you want a deeply spiritual treat this Christmas season, let me urge you to listen to or read one of the best loved ‘hymns’ of Eastern Church music called the Kontakion of the Nativity.  listen to Frederica Mathewes-Green reading the full Kontakion with background music. The written version can be downloaded and read. This […]

The Picture Comes Alive

This Holy Week – Thursday and Friday at Christ Church, the building was transformed into a series of Tableaus or still and dramatic scenes.  The tableau pictured here is Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Below are words I wrote for the program. It seeks to capture the Spirit’s many colored gifts at work in […]

Listen to a 4th Century Nativity Hymn

If you want a deeply spiritual treat this Christmas season, listen to Frederica Mathewes-Green reading the Kontakion of the Nativity here. I have listened to this many times and referenced some of the verses at Christ Church. The written version can be downloaded in pdf form here.  It is in dialog form involving Mary and […]

“The glory of God is man fully alive.”

I’ve become passionate about how the Christian world view provides the best answer to the question, “What is a person?”  or “What does it mean to be fully human?”   Jesus is called the Second Adam and the implications are enormous.  For example, our proclaiming of the Good News needs to start with Creation and our […]