Day 9, Pierced!

On my retreat this week , we began with a lengthy time of silence. I went to a small chapel and knelt down and just gazed at an icon of Christ, the type of which always has the hand raised in blessing and holding the Scriptures. The icon here is called Christ of Sinai, ‘written’ […]

Day 4 – Fasting from ‘Religion’

Isaiah and Jesus took fasting to a whole other level! God calls Isaiah to fast  from sin – from oppression, pointing the finger of false accusation, malicious speech, and lack of compassion. The people of God are to feed the hungry and care for the homeless and outsider. The promise is wonderful: “You will be […]

sabbath reflection on the paradox of prayer

Sea Gull Monastery  (3-19-12) Sabbath time at Jamestown dock void of boats just lonely posts; Seagull sentinels perch like stylite desert monks Doing nothing apparent. What purpose, this unnoticed sitting so still and tranquil Alive to no one but themselves and their Maker and me? What difference do they make? What difference does prayer make?

Learning to Pray ‘with Rhythm’

The people of God have always had a balance of praying at set times and places as well as “praying without ceasing.” We all need a Rule of Life (or Game Plan) to be disciplined and intentional in our growth as followers of Jesus.  Prayer is no exception. I’d like to list some resources from […]

Pray without ceasing – the goal of continual communion

The Apostle Paul’s “All – Trilogy” (1 Thes. 5:16-18)  has been deeply impacting us. ALways rejoice; ALL the time (without ceasing) pray; In ALL circumstances, give thanks, for this (all 3!)  is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. The Greek text puts the “ALL” constructs at the beginning for emphasis. In the […]

Guard Your Heart! It’s really that important…

Preaching on the parables this summer – the recurring theme has been watchfulness, self-examination, and last week, the priority of what’s in that spiritual center of all we are and do…called the Heart.  (sermon on Mat. 15) Described hundreds of times and in dozens of ways (go ahead – search for ‘heart’ in Bible Gateway), […]