Is Jesus Vision really OUR vision?

Beginning at Advent, we are preaching through the Gospel of Luke this year at Christ Church. We are taking the first 3 weeks of the new year to explore the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry recorded in Luke, chapters 3-5. We’re asking the challenging question, “Is Jesus’ vision OUR vision?” Listen to the first sermon, […]

Discipleship in Mark’s Gospel – 2 Great Resources

MY THANKS TO CHERYL LAVORNIA FOR THESE HELPFUL REVIEWS Have you ever read a book that captured your imagination in a new way…that makes you change the way you interact with life? What if you found a book that did just that AND it somehow helped you read and understand the Bible better? This past […]

Lessons from a Modern Disciple

On three consecutive Saturdays, the Christ Church community celebrated and mourned at the death of beloved fellow-believers. Just prior to these weeks, author and fellow disciple, Dallas Willard died of cancer. Willard was known for his wonderful work of deepening the Christian Church’s understanding of Spiritual Formation and Discipleship. In light of our fall series, […]

Baptism – A reminder from John Calvin

Sunday was our annual Labor Day weekend celebration of baptism. Twenty unique and varied testimonies with the common theme of Jesus, the one who redeems and restores! Recently I taught on Remember Your Baptism (download or listen here.) Here is a short description from John Calvin that is worth the time it takes to ponder […]

What is Your Game Plan?

This is our major teaching series at Christ Church this winter and spring.  It’s about creating what Christians for centuries have called a “Rule of Life.”  Click here for the sermon downloads.  The first two are, I trust, helpful introductions. Read on to better understand how to  prayerfully work through a personal plan for more […]

Who is Scot McKnight (and why is he coming to Providence?)

We’ve talked for several years about trying to have Scot McKnight in Rhode Island.  Scot is not your celebrity type Christian rock star.  But he is making a very rock-solid  contribution to the Christian world. McKnight is New Testament prof at North Park University (connected to our Evangelical Covenant denom.) He is a prolific author […]

Right Motivations for Ministry

If you serve Christ in any kind of ministry, let me urge you to print this text and post it where you will see it often. Or better yet – memorize it! (Listen here to the sermon on this text from 10-2-11) For our appeal does not spring from error or impurity or any attempt to deceive, 4 but just […]