N.T. Wright on Philemon’s Big Message

We are doing a series at Christ Church we’re calling “Out of the Box.” For four weeks we will study the Apostle Paul’s small one-chapter letter to Philemon. The first message is “A New Way to View the World.” You can listen to this important foundational teaching here. I mentioned that N.T. Wright’s magisterial 2 […]

A New ‘Jesus Prayer’ (complements of NT Wright)

For many years I’ve commended The Jesus Prayer as a form of learning continuous prayer. In my time away this week I was reminded of a beautiful modification by N. T. Wright emphasizing the Trinity. I’ll post the main part of it here: I want, in this brief epilogue, to suggest one form of prayer […]

Live with the end in mind!

Eschatology – or the study of “Last Things,” has often been mis-applied. What the Bible tells us about the end of all things is not to make us speculate or to make us panic and evacuate.  Rather it is about living NOW in light of the in-breaking of Christ and His Kingdom! It’s about being […]

N. T. Wright on ‘Hell’

Hell is in the News a lot lately because of recent books and rebuttals.  I recently came across some short videos where N.T. Wright comments on various questions around heaven and hell. These were in conjunction with his excellent book, Surprised By Hope.  Here is one of the videos and three of the transcripts.  You […]