Live with the end in mind!

Eschatology – or the study of “Last Things,” has often been mis-applied. What the Bible tells us about the end of all things is not to make us speculate or to make us panic and evacuate.  Rather it is about living NOW in light of the in-breaking of Christ and His Kingdom! It’s about being […]

Biblical Submission in Cultural Context

In our study of 1 Peter, we’re doing a mini-series called YOLO – or – What will you do with the rest of your life? We began with the often misunderstood passage in 3:1-7. It can sound archaic and out of touch to modern ears, but when understood in context – it is revolutionary, then […]

‘Of Gods and Men’ Review

God’s Kingdom is worth everything we have! That is the message of Jesus’ Treasure and Pearl Parables.  It is also the message of a marvelous movie seen by so few.  It is the story of a community of Cistercian monks in Algeria in the early 1990’s, who have close relationships with their Muslim neighbors but who […]

“Keep Yourselves from Idols!”

“Little children – keep yourselves from idols.”  So the apostle John ends his first letter to the early church. (1 John 5:21)  I don’t think he was warning against Caesar dolls!  Interior idols and the cult of ‘Things’ is the ever-present danger.  Whenever we look to something other than God for our meaning or security […]

Dancing with the Trinity

The goal of the Christian life is full communion with God!  “God became man that we might become like God.”  Variations on this quote permeate the Church Fathers. A modern day Orthodox bishop, Kallistos Ware describes the beauty and fullness of this truth: “Our Lord saves us by becoming what we are, by sharing totally […]

U2, Twitter, and What I did today

Since you don’t particularly care “what I am doing  now”, I thought I’d tell you what I did earlier today! I listened to one of my favorite podcasts as I went to the dump and other exciting things.  It’s The Kindlings Muse,  by Christian cultural observer Dick Staub.  Some really well done conversations with very […]