Jonah and the Surprising Grace of God

Jonah is a parable-like story referenced by Jesus to dramatically illustrate the Gospel. You can read this “minor prophet” in 10 minutes, but it challenges us to do the hard work of living the Good News everyday with everyone we meet, especially those (who perhaps like ourselves) seem unlikely to respond to the gift of grace. […]

Live with the End in Mind – reading the Bible’s last book

The week before I was scheduled to preach on the book of Revelation in our 40 day blitz through the New Testament, Neil our Executive Pastor quipped that I’d be answering everyone’s questions about the Apocalypse in one sermon. I didn’t! Rather, I took one core idea behind what the Biblical authors wrote about the […]

If Jesus Came to Our Home

Our vision at Christ Church begins: “We will be a diverse community that lives the Good News of Jesus Christ for the flourishing of all people…” A right view of diversity comes from the very heart of God. Neil Botts, our Executive Pastor, preached a wonderfully challenging sermon from Luke 5, linked here. A summary and […]

A Prayer to Begin Your Day

In the previous post, I shared the story that challenged me to be more tuned into the everyday, ordinary opportunities for ministry to people. I closed the sermon Sunday with a suggested prayer to put in your own words. Here are variations you might use: A SUGGESTED PRAYER TO BEGIN EACH DAY: Lord I want to be available, to […]

The Church is outside the walls!

A necessary practice that will move us beyond theory, is to take time to process how God is speaking to us (and God IS constantly speaking!) With permission, I’m sharing a story, a not unusual day in my life or the life of a pastor, but a day when God “spoke to me.” I was reminded how the church is at […]

Christ is Risen AND Ascended!

This is Ascension Day! It is the most neglected yet essential day in the church calendar. We should greet one another today (or this Sunday) with “Christ is Ascended!” Our response could be, “Yes, He is Lord of all!” We experience Jesus now without seeing him! (Just like all disciples since the resurrection) Jesus was not resuscitated only to die […]

The Abraham Conspiracy – Grasping God’s Mission in the world

Every generation; every church community; every serious Christ-follower must come to grips with God’s mission. God invites us into the greatest privilege and adventure possible. I’ve dubbed it the Abraham Conspiracy. In this post I want to share a link to the sermon that lays out the Big Picture of the mission of God that […]

Macro and Micro – why we need both

I don’t apologize for taking time in my preaching and teaching to give the larger story of God that we find ourselves in. The Big Picture of God’s Mission in the world (the “macro”) is essential if we are going to serve God in our local, everyday world (the “micro”). It’s not either-or, it’s both. […]

The Holy Spirit – THE wind beneath our wings

Last Sunday marked the coming of the Holy Spirit to the new community of Jesus called the Church! Nothing would remain the same! Malcolm Guite, poet, Anglican priest, and song-writer has written a whole book of sonnets for the Christian Year. I want to share his beautiful rendering of Pentecost. Today we feel the wind beneath […]

Thinking of myself less

I just had the intense enjoyment of several days with a life-long friend and missionary. His endless stories of being available to the”Everywhere present Jesus” in-spired me! I’m again reminded of Wendell Berry’s poem ending: Every day you have less reason Not to give yourself away. Mary Oliver versed it another way in a poem […]