Ordination to Ordinary Life and Work

As our Faith at Work Series continues, we were blessed as a congregation to take a small step toward what we call the “ordination to ordinary life and work.”  Listen to the sermon here. The picture to the right is from the 9/11 Museum and story from John Felker of Chaplain Mychal Judge who died […]

J. S. Bach’s ‘Faith at Work!’

J.S. Bach loved Jesus! For Bach, there was really no difference between the worldly and the divine. His life as a believer was the same as his life as a musician, as a husband, as a father, and as a professional. (Brian McCreath, ‘The Bach Hour’) His music sings of passion for God in the battle […]

“Be One Person!” Faith at Work – part 2

We all struggle with what the Psalmist calls a “divided heart.” (Psalm 86:11-13) The second teaching in our series, Faith at Work is about INTEGRITY: Being One Person! Listen to it here. It includes a personal story by Jim O’Donnell that inspired this emphasis for The Center for Faith at Work. The word, integrity, has a long, meaninful […]

Re-think your work!

A very exciting announcement! We have just launched The Center for Faith at Work. Check out the Center’s website. This grows out of one of our Mission Priorities: to become and make committed disciples of Christ who glorify God and embody our faith in every area of life. We want to inspire, equip, and support one […]

Why Your Work Matters to God!

How we relate to the culture we live in is a crucial question for us in Christ’s Body, the Church. Our third teaching in the series, Flourish, is called: Your Work Matters to God. I include an introduction to the work of Andy Crouch, author of Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling.  Crouch challenges us to not settle for Condemning culture, […]